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Online Knowledge Questionnaire ?  
1- Is your website registered in your name for the next 10 years? Yes or No
2- If you sell products at retail, do you have an Affiliate Program? Yes or No
3- If your website has a point of view, do you communicate that with a newsletter or BLOG? Yes or No
4- Do you know what META Tags are? Yes or No
5- If you sell your product on-line, is your shopping cart search engine friendly? Yes or No
6- Do you have a Flash introduction that precedes your main information navigation page? Yes or No
7- Is your website in Frames? Yes or No
8- Do you have your contact information on every page of your website? Yes or No
9- Have you ever heard of the term: Cascading style sheets or CCS? Yes or No
10- Does your website contain a sitemap? Yes or No


1- YES. Recent comments has Google looking out not only how long the site has been owned, but also how long it has been live and how for what length of time the domain name owner has paid for the ownership in advance.
2- YES. If you said “No” you are missing one of the most cost effective methods of selling your merchandise online. While not for every site, affiliate programs are staples of all major retailers.
3- YES. If you said “No” then your site content and online marketing efforts will languish and be superseded by competition that understands the power of this simple to install and use tool.
4- YES. This is Internet 101 stuff. If you don’t know what this means, please ask. Now there is much discussion on how effective they are, “if” they are even used by search robots and the like, but as a wise person said to me: “It’s all about blocking and tackling”, so don’t miss the easy basics.
5- YES. The importance of search engines can’t be understated. If your content is in an ecommerce shopping cart, then the shopping cart must be search engine friendly. If you don’t know if your ecommerce solution is search engine friendly then I can guarantee you that it isn’t.
6- NO. Stop using Flash introductions immediately. You are easily losing 30% to 40% of your audience if you continue to use this outdated design feature.
7- NO. If you answered “Yes” you should know that you should never use frames unless someone is pointing a gun at your head. This is the last bastion of poor design and online usage. 8- Nothing good ever happens with a frames site.
9- YES. If you answered “Yes”, this simple contact information easily found by your site visitors will make you a hero.
10 YES. This is also one of the acceptable ways to add non-blockable popups on your site and keep your search engine friendly designation.

Grades based on number of “yes” answers to the questions:

10:  “A”, Places you in the “gets it” column, probably tweaking and improving all the time.
7-9: “B”, Close with lots of upside in improving your website and online marketing approach.
4-6: “C”, Working with a firm should entail a good amount of training and education to clearly get more value from the internet.
3 or less As a “Newbie” you need a trusted source to walk you through the Internet opportunity. The Internet is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Just because you are only starting now to value the importance of the Internet does not mean you can’t catch up. As I have heard it said most recently, ”We are just at the start of the beginning”.


(Courtesy eAccountable)

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